How To Choose The Right Therapist for YOU

There is no 100% fool-proof method of selecting the right therapist, any more than there is a guaranteed way to select the right lawyer, physician, accountant, or plumber.

Major sources for finding a reputable therapist are: physicians, family or friends, the workplace, the Yellow Pages, Web search engines, and lists from professional associations.

A doctor can refer you to a well-reputed colleague or to his or her own therapist. But there can be no guarantee that the recommended therapist will be suitable for you. Personality factors, particular problems or differing ideologies may interfere with rapport. The same is true for referrals by family or friends.

Above all, do not be misled by reputation alone.

A great reputation in the therapy field is not always based on competence.

Sometimes it is fed by publicity and by professional colleagues who have a personal liking for a particular therapist, especially if he or she devotes a lot of time to their organization’s interests. The colleagues may be impressed by that therapist’s speeches, self-confidence and self-promotion. But do they personally know any successfully treated clients?

Trust your reaction when talking with a therapist. Shop around. Spend at least as much time to select a therapist as you would to choose a car.

The best criterion is satisfied clients. Ask the therapist for written testimonials. Any therapist who has been in business for a reasonable length of time will have letters on file from grateful clients. These will be people who have given permission for their comments to be shown to enquirers. Read and verify them.

And be sure you feel comfortable with the therapist. If you feel uneasy, it may be a sign that he or she is not good for you.

Key questions to ask yourself are:

- Does he or she seem interested in my problems?
- Do I feel welcome?
- Is the therapist on time?
- Do I feel accepted?
- Does he or she treat me with respect?
- Does he or she appear hopeful?
- Does he or she ask a lot about me?
- Is he or she genuinely interested in me?
- Does his or her office feel like a haven?
- Does the therapist really listen?
- Does he or she seem knowledgeable?

Key questions to ask the therapist are:

- Why should I see you, and not one of your competitors?
- What experience do you have with my kind of problem?
- What are your professional qualifications?
- How long have you been in practice?
- Do you have references?
- What hypnotherapy or psychotherapy associations do you belong to?
- How soon can I make an appointment?
- What are your fees?
- May I bring someone with me?
- Do you mind if I record the session?
- Do you play audiotapes? [As opposed to live personal therapy]?
- Will you teach me techniques such as self-hypnosis or EFT that I can use on my own?
- [For hypnotherapists] Could you treat my problem without hypnosis?
- [For hypnotherapists] Do you use hypnosis yourself?

Experience is a good criterion. Experience not just of therapy but of life, too. To ask the therapist questions relevant to his or her experience is a smart move. Has he or she written books or articles which you could read?

Respectful therapists do not snap their fingers at you, nor speak in a condescending manner. They treat you with the importance you deserve. After all, their business depends on you, and others like you, who seek a better life.

Lack of respect also applies to improper questions, suggestions or behavior. And not just about sex. Impropriety also applies to money and morals.

In a truly therapeutic relationship you are heard, accepted, understood and guided to strengthen your inner resources. The therapist is your ally. Not your friend. Not your business partner. Not your guru. And certainly not your lover.

Above-board therapists will be delighted that you bring a friend or relative with you (not to sit in the session however!). Similarly, they will be pleased you wish to record the session because then you can use the recording at home as reinforcement.

Therapists with your interests at heart will automatically teach you self-care techniques. It is part of your becoming self-reliant.

Therapy should be tailored to you, the individual. No two problems, and certainly no two people, however similar, are identical. Settle for nothing less than personalized service.

That individualized approach requires a complete history-taking. It is of course impossible in the short time available for the therapist to learn everything about you. But he or she should know the details of your presenting problem, your family situation, important life events, health condition, fears, likes and dislikes, etc.

Do not be overly concerned with the per session fee. A very low fee per session may sound attractive, but, in monetary terms, it is the total number of sessions which will count in the end. In human terms, becoming well makes even a high fee seem like a bargain.

Beware of any therapist who has a one-track mind.

Some therapists continually find that the origin of all their clients’ problems lies in childhood sexual abuse; others find that all their clients’ problems arise from past lives; others find that all their clients’ problems arise from birth trauma, etc., etc.

Not all of life’s distresses arise from one trauma, or indeed, from any trauma. Human beings are far too complex and life, fortunately, is far too rich, for there to be one single cause of everyone’s troubles.

Two questions that concern most people are, “How many sessions will it take?” and “What is your success rate”?

To ask a therapist his or her success rate is a meaningless question. Who would tell you her success rate is 3%? In any case, should the therapist’s rate be 95%, this says nothing about your chances of success. For many different reasons you may fall into the 5%.

For unhealthy habits such as smoking, hypnotherapy is 100% successful for those who choose and decide to change.

No one can know in advance how many sessions your problem will take to resolve. There are far too many variables, including: the personalities of you and the therapist, your talent for hypnosis or insight, whether you really want to shed the problem, what other issues may surface, etc.

Of course, you could specify a certain number of sessions. And some therapists do set a fixed number of sessions (the pressure of this deadline approach sometimes helps but there can be no guarantee).

Be assured, however, that hypnosis usually speeds up the therapeutic process.

What might take months or years of regular psychotherapy can usually be accomplished in weeks with hypnotherapy.

A therapist using hypnosis should practice within his or her professional competence. Thus a dentist who relaxes her dental patients with hypnosis has no business engaging in psychotherapy, unless she has also been trained in that field. Conversely, a physician must be involved when a medical concern, such as pain, is being tackled.

Responsible therapists use hypnosis as a tool. Since it is not in itself a therapy, nor is it a cure-all, you are in better hands if the hypnotherapist is also able to deal with your problem without hypnosis.

Thus, if you are consulting a physician who is using hypnosis to help you control pain, presumably she will have pharmaceutical alternatives with which to help you should the hypnotherapy not work well. But if the doctor is using hypnosis to help you deal better with a disastrous relationship, she is helpless if the hypnotherapy does not work well – unless she has taken special training in couples counselling.

Licensing and governmental regulation over who is allowed to practice therapy vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Remember, to find the right therapist for yourself, first do your homework about credentials and experience and then — trust your instincts.

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An Itchy Penis May Accompany Plasma Cell Balanitis

Every man avalanche casualty to an acquisitive penis at one time or another, accordingly award themselves bent while abrading abroad if they anticipation they were in a clandestine situation. About that acquisitive penis is acquired by some penis bloom condition, hopefully one that is adequately accessory and basically benign. In that chic is claret corpuscle balanitis, a penile affair about accompanied by some amount of itchiness.

Plasma corpuscle balanitis

Also accustomed as Zoon balanitis (after the man who declared it in the medical abstract in 1952), claret corpuscle balanitis is usually advised as audible from “regular” balanitis. The closing is an deepening of the penis, usually advance out over abundant of the glans (or head). Claret corpuscle balanitis differs in that it about consistently presents in a abundant added localized form; rather than getting advance out, it appears as a smaller, added concentrated area, searching like one applique or rash. Sometimes the red applique may aswell accept abate pin-sized dots of a altered shade.

Plasma corpuscle balanitis is abundant added accustomed in men who are complete than in men who are circumcised. Although it can action at any age, it is about consistently begin in middle-aged or earlier men. (A changeable variant, claret corpuscle vulvitis, can action in women.)

Cause cryptic

Although it was aboriginal declared in 1952, not a lot is accustomed about this condition. The cause, for example, is not well-defined. The actuality that it about occurs in complete men suggests some affiliation with the foreskin, and absolutely one of the primary accustomed causes has to do with affliction to the glans acquired by smegma architecture up. (Urine cheating beneath the foreskin and dehydration may aswell be partially to blame.) As the foreskin rubs aback and alternating beyond the glans, this creates an anarchic irritation.

This would betoken that the ataxia occurs alone in complete men who do not convenance able penis hygiene. However, it has been acclaimed in some complete men with above hygiene, as able-bodied as in a abundant abate amount of beneath men. In such cases, friction, calefaction or some anatomy of alien acerbic agency may be to blame. Some doctors conjecture that bacterial infection, or possibly even HPV, could be causes as well.


Although abounding men aberration claret corpuscle balanitis for an STI, it is in actuality a amiable action that is not sexually transmitted. It may could could cause a red, acquisitive penis – and may in some cases be accompanied by some accessory affliction – but it is about harmless.


In some cases, initiating and advancement able penis hygiene may aftereffect in the dematerialization of the balanitis. Contemporary steroids are about recommended, as are contemporary calcineurin inhibitors (TCIs). Photodynamic analysis (using drugs which are again apparent to appropriate lights) has been acclimated by some doctors. In abounding cases, circumcision may be recommended.

With treatment, a lot of cases boldness aural 4-8 weeks, although an alone may acquisition that the aeon is best or shorter.

Plasma corpuscle balanitis is advised a attenuate dermatological issue, but its exact amount is unknown; abounding doctors accept it is decidedly underreported and that there may be added cases than is about thought.

When claret corpuscle balanitis creates an acquisitive penis situation, a man will wish to yield accomplish to advice allay the itchiness. One way to advice amusement an acquisitive penis is to consistently use a aboriginal chic penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin). Penis derma that is able-bodied hydrated is beneath acceptable to itch, so baddest a crème with both a high-end analgesic (such as Shea butter) and a accustomed hydrator (such as vitamin E). Derma will be added adequate if the crème contains a almighty antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, to action the chargeless radicals that can accord to adverse oxidative stress.

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Are You Struggling to Get HARD?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is aswell alleged impotence. Before discussing about arrect dysfunction, I would like to altercate about anatomy of penis and how adjustment commonly occurs.

Structure of penis

Penis has two columns of tissue active forth the abandon alleged bulk cavernosum and addition cavalcade of sponge-like tissue active forth the foreground of penis alleged bulk spongiosum. These tissues get abounding up with claret during erection.

How do you get an erection?

An adjustment begins with both acoustic and brainy stimulation. During animal arousal, assumption letters activate to activate the penis. Impulses from the academician and bounded fretfulness could could could could cause the anatomy of the corpora cavernosa to relax, acceptance claret to breeze in and ample the accessible spaces, appropriately accretion penis. The veins active through the alien sheath of the penis again abbreviate which stops the claret from abrogation the penis and authoritative it erect. It is now accepted that nitric oxide triggers an adjustment and maintains it by adequate anatomy that acquiesce claret to ample the penis.

Erection is antipodal if anatomy in the penis contract, endlessly the arrival of claret and aperture address channels. As claret starts abounding out of penis, it gets flaccid.

What is arrect dysfunction?

When a man is clumsy to get an adjustment or accumulate an adjustment that allows animal action with penetration, he is said to accept arrect dysfunction. It is not a ache by itself but a evidence of added problems including psychological, concrete or a aggregate of both.

Erectile dysfunction is a actual accepted botheration and increases with age. An Australian abstraction begin that at atomic one in 5 men over the age of 40 years has arrect problems and about one in ten men are absolutely clumsy to accept erections.

What are the causes of arrect dysfunction?

There are abounding causes of arrect dysfunction and added than one could could could could cause may coexist. However, cerebral problems including achievement anxiety, conjugal and accord problems, depression, banking stresses, and added psychiatric problems are accepted causes of arrect dysfunction. Abounding medical altitude associated with arrect dysfunction cover diabetes, top claret pressure, obesity, cigarette smoking, beddy-bye apnoea, top cholesterols, thyroid diseases, biologic and booze abuse, circling bond injuries, assorted sclerosis, assertive assigned medications, testosterone absence and others.

What is the analysis for arrect dysfunction?

There may be added than one could could could could cause and analysis generally involves a multidisciplinary approach. It is actual important to see a medical practitioner or added bloom professionals for admonition and treatment.

Sex analysis and counselling may be bare for cerebral issues admitting altitude like obesity, biologic and booze abuse, smoking, and top cholesterols charge affairs modifications.

Diabetes, top claret burden and added medical altitude charge medical treatment.

Some specific treatments for arrect dysfunction include:

Medications: Commonly acclimated pills are sildenafil (viagra), tadalafil (cialis) and vardenafil (levitra). You charge a decree for these medications from your doctor.

Injections: If pills do not help, the accommodating may try application an bang alleged alprostadil (caverject), which can could could could could cause an adjustment aural 10 account of bang into the penis. The adjustment can endure from 30 account to two hours. The doctor or specialist will aboriginal appearance the accommodating how to administrate the injection, then, if the accommodating is happy, he can try this at home. Besides the bite of a needle, it is not painful.

Vacuum pumps: Vacuum pumps are accessories that fit over the penis and draw claret into the penis to accomplish it erect. The accommodating can accept adjustment for as continued as he likes. However, these accessories do not clothing everybody.

Implants: Implants are acclimated alone as a endure resort if added treatments accept bootless or are unsuitable. Semi-rigid rods are amid into the penis to accomplish it abundantly harder to accredit animal intercourse. The disadvantage with implants is that the penis will be partly arrect all the time.

Please remember

Erectile dysfunction is not a ache of old men alone but can affect men of all ages. There are both cerebral and concrete factors causing it and it is actual important to seek advice from a bloom able early. At the aforementioned time, it is important to bethink that modifying affairs like appliance regularly, advancement a advantageous physique weight, and endlessly smoker can advice anticipate and to some admeasurement amusement arrect dysfunction.

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